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Updating the Besu client binary on Linux

If you've read the previous article on how to add the Besu Binary to your PATH, then updating the client is very easy.

  1. Download the new version of the Besu binary you want to install from a trusted website (ie. the PegaSys website).
  1. Remove contents in home/user/bin/besu folder.
rm -rdf ~/bin/besu/*
mv besu-1.4.0-beta3 ~/bin/besu

Note: Make sure to read the notes on step 4. Renaming the besu-1.4.0-beta3 folder to besu in order to make updates even easier. If it was renamed, there is no need to modify the PATH variable.

  1. Extract and replace the contents inside the home/user/bin/besu folder with the new version.
cd ~/Downloads
tar xf <binary-filename>.tar.gz ~/bin/besu

Restart your terminal and that's it. You should now be able to run the new version of Besu in the terminal.

Get more information on Besu here:


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