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Web3 Clients

Graphical interfaces and applications to interact with the Blockchain




Browsers and browser plugins

Understand Brave Browser and BAT

Brave Browser is a new generation of web browser focusing on speed, privacy and peer2p economy for digital content creation. It is a free and open-source web br

Grégoire Jeanmart

6 min read

10 Feb 20

Metamask - Interact with Ethereum in your Browser

Metamask 101 This post introduces Metamask, how to install it in different browsers, add Ethereum (ETH) to a test account, and explore first interactions with a Web3 application. Why Use Metamask? How do you connect regular users to DApps? Can you interact with the Ethereum blockchain in an intuitive and user-friendly manner? Metamask set out with a mission make Ethereum as easy to use for as many people as possible. Metamask allows you to interact with the Ethereum blockchain from the convenien

Maliha Balala

4 min read

25 Jan 19

Will the Opera web3 wallet drive adoption?

A year or so ago I wanted to replace Google Chrome as my main browser. Why? First I was unsure and uncomfortable with the potential amount of data shared with Google. Second Chrome now reminds me too much of Internet Explorer in the 90s and early 2000s, where certain websites and features would only work in one browser, going against the entire concept of an open internet. I embarked on testing all of the alternative browsers to find one that suited me: Firefox: I like that Firefox is open sourc

Chris Ward

3 min read

24 Apr 19

Block explorers

Non-definitive list to Ethereum block explorers; not just Etherscan!

Do propose updates if Im missing any! Etherscan Blockscout EnjinX Ethplorer Etherchain

Eric Juta

1 min read

18 Apr 19