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WeMeme: Make and Sell Memes Together

Project Name

WeMeme, https://wememe.world

Project Tagline/Description

Where friends make and sell memes together.

Team Members

  • Joel Thorstensson
  • Zach Ferland
  • Kenzo Nakamura
  • Michael Sena

Status.im ID for Each Team Member

Detailed Project Description (no more than 3-4 sentences)

WeMeme is where friends make and sell memes together. Memes are collaboratively created in a three step process where the first player adds an image, the second adds a doodle, and the third adds a caption; and upon completion a NFT is generated and listed for sale on our platform. At each creation step, the player backs their contribution to the meme by buying shares in the meme on a bonding curve. When the meme is sold, contributors are proportionally paid out according to the number of meme tokens they hold.

Describe your tech stack

Libraries and APIs
  • Web3: WeMeme uses Web3.js for web3 functionality.
  • Meme Canvas: WeMeme uses HTML5 canvas for creating the meme.
  • Meme Doodle: WeMeme uses react-canvas-draw for doodle/drawing functionality.
  • Meme Caption: WeMeme uses fabric.js for adding text.
  • Player Profiles: WeMeme uses the 3Box profile hover (https://github.com/3box/profile-hover) HTML script tag, which uses the 3Box.js Profile API (https://github.com/3box/3box-js/) to populate player profiles in our app.
Smart Contracts
  • NFT Contract: The WeMeme NFT contract is built using the Open Zeppelin ERC721 standard contracts and is upgraded to include bonding curve minting functionality, written in Solidity.

Track for which you’re submitting

  • Open

All Bounties Completed/Incorporated

  • None
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