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Witnet Monthly Report — March 2018

Development update from the Witnet team

Hi there, Witnet community! From now on, every month we will update you on our work towards the milestones set in our project roadmap. Today we want to share what we have been up to over the last month, the challenges we have met and the progress we have done towards our first milestone: the Witnet prototype. Let’s get started!

💰 Fundraising

We are happy to announce Witnet successfully reached the $1.07M cap on Republic Crypto.

The goal was achieved thanks to 979 contributors who participated in the campaign over the course of four days. The mechanism used was the Token DPA on which you may find more information, as well as full details on the campaign, here.

After the Republic campaign, the team has been laser-focused on raising further capital to fund future development and operations. Everything is looking very good — more news on this matter to come out soon!

💜 Team

We have interviewed Adan, our Tech Lead, to know a bit more about who he is, his vision for Witnet and his thoughts on the current crypto landscape. A must read for anyone interested in how this technology is shaping our future.

The team has grown by two members over the past weeks. César will be in working as Operations magician, and myself as Community builder (if there’s anything you’re interested in talking about regarding our growing community, please hit me up on the community chat @ joselfgaray). That being said, we’re really glad to join such a brilliant team, and the feeling of working on a field that’s having a real impact by building the fundamental layers on which the world works is amazing. You’ll get to know us a little better soon through some closer interviews.

We’re looking to further grow the team, so if you’re a talented Javascript Developer or Rust Developer, check out the job openings linked. You can also take a look at the following post by Johann, our Rust Developer, on how Witnet will make the most out of the language.

🔧 Product

The prototype to be launched will focus on showing the main features of the two different functionalities of Sheikah: wallet and IDE. Its deadline is set for September 2018, but everything is going very well and we expect to launch it much sooner. We have now defined the features that will make up the prototype, which are as follows.

The parts of the wallet that will be functional are:

  • Keypare generation
  • Addresses derivation

The wallet will be able to simulate:

  • Balances (includes features like vesting)
  • Send/receive functions
  • It will also show the initial coin control layout

The Integrated Development Environment will let the prototype simulate:

  • A user-friendly RAD requests creator
  • A user-friendly smart contracts creator
  • The initial state of the RAD requests compiler will be visible as well.

That’s what we’ve been working on over the last month! Please let us know what you think of the recent developments by sharing your thoughts with the team.

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