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Writing in web 3.0 for trekkies!

Welcome to web 3.0!

It is a wonderful galaxy of open inclusive systems where we respect the consent of our citizens and always give them attribution for their own work!

Captain kirk, you have sighted the world of kauri! What now?

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Now that you're here we'd like to show you some of our favorite sights! - Full Stack Dapp tutorial: consider this your get started pack to building new dapps and worlds in the Ethereum ecosystem, several individuals have contributed to the collection and @jorig is the curator - [Collections] ( head to collections to discover new knowledge areas - Kauri help: go here if you'd like to learn more about kauri or want to start writing yourself! We'll also give you a brief introduction to the basics here.

Ethereum upgrade for your starship (or browser)

First we'd like to introduce you to our foxy little friend @metamask_io. Follow their instructions and they'll bring Ethereum to your browser! Supporting the following browsers: - Chrome - Mozilla Firefox - Opera - Brave

You can also explore Ethereum on mobile with web3 wallets like status, balance, coinbase wallet, or in the future argent and MetaMask mobile.

That's better, the Starship Enterprise is now equipped to fully explore and interact with Kauri and the rest of the Ethereum dapps.

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Sign in to kauri

  1. Log into MetaMask (or your wallet), get MetaMask up and running by logging in with your password
  2. Switch to the Rinkeby network in the MetaMask popup, you can change networks by clicking on the drop down at the top of the pop up box in MetaMask
  3. Now you can sign in to kauri with MetaMask, click on the profile icon in the top right hand corner of kauri and enter your email (optional) so we can contact you when someone wants to update or make changes to your writing
  4. Kauri will ask you to sign a transaction via MetaMask, this lets us know you actually control your ethereum address so you can set up a profile with it!
  5. You’re in, feel free to customize your public profile and choose a human readable username or just Borg out with that hexadecimal public ethereum key.

Time to get writing!

If you think the galaxies should know about how to build with your technology or you’d like to guide other citizens through uncharted territories via tutorials or how to’s this is your time to share your knowledge!
This is Web 3.0 though, we’re not here to tell you what to write, feel free to contribute whatever you would like to share: - Write using our markdown editor and publish via kauri - Kauri takes care of storing your content in IPFS, and making sure it gets linked to your ethereum address - All content is openly accessible via IPFS! Click the content link at the bottom of any article to get the raw markdown from IPFS - All content on kauri is creative commons licensed, anyone can build on top of your work and you can update anyone else’s article - We do still need to comply with inter-galactic laws so will have to remove any illegal content from the index

Go full Web 3.0!

Kauri has built an experimental importer for the brave Web 3.0 pioneers who want to bring over their Web 2.0 articles, get attribution on Ethereum, and ensure they remain openly accessible via IPFS to the citizens of the galaxy! 1. While you’re already signed into kauri, head to 2. Enter the url of your medium profile or publication and click submit 3. Select the articles you would like to bring over to web3.0, and hit import 4. Articles will be imported to your kauri profile, saved in draft format 5. Go to your drafts, check the markdown is rendering as you would like and publish!

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Congratulations, you are a kauri pioneer... let us know [@kauriio] ( and we may have a token of appreciation for you!

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