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Wyre - ETHDenver Hackathon Ideas

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We’re always there to be the bridge between fiat & crypto so that the target market is not just crypto, but anyone who’s got an internet connection. Lowering the barriers to entry is our focus because accelerating the product feedback loop will hackers iterate more quickly.


  • ETH Denver Hackathon Resource

  • Our API bridges fiat and crypto.

  • Create Accounts & verify AML/KYC on those if you want.

  • Link user’s Payment Methods: Bank accounts & debit/credit their accounts.

  • An exchange between fiat/crypto.

  • Transfer from fiat directly to external non-custodial wallets.

  • Have fun, and say hi to us. We’re there to help you so pester us with questions if you want! ETHDenver is going to be absolutely rocking, and we’re pumped to meet you if we’ve not met you already! The ETHSF hackathon was a blast, and we got to see some amazing projects come out of that. We’re hoping to see the same from you all in Denver!

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Hackathon Ideas

It’s always helpful to get the brain juices flowing. With the amount of opportunity in front of you all, it’s easy to get decision paralysis and not even know where to begin. Below are a few ideas that could be great long-term for the community!

👑🌽 Trustless BTC-20 👑🌽
  • Problem: Bitcoin serves as over 60% of the daily liquidity traded on crypto exchanges. Trusted setups lead to this asset being minted and usable on the Ethereum network, but little incentive from the supply side. 1:1 peg of Bitcoin and an ERC-20 Bitcoin. Just like the 1:1 peg of fiat backed stablecoins, but it’s Bitcoin. ERC-20 is table stakes for most exchanges around the world. Trustless implementation would allow Bitcoin holders to capitalize on their hodlings from things like Compound, CDP’s, Uniswap, etc…
🎟 Demo Wall — Badge Clearance 🎟
  • Problem: Paywall, but not based on how much you pay, but your wallet demographic. Restricting access to people that meet specific criteria, demographic, etc… Early access to a specific feature on a platform is reserved for those with a wallet that is over 2 years old. Chat rooms that are reserved for specific token holders. Governance meetings, etc… Good starting point by Brenner Spear did an example for logging in can be found on Github here .
⛽️ Community Gas Pump ⛽️
  • Problem: New users to crypto can’t get sent Dai because of the gas fees to use that Dai once it’s received. Why not have a communal CDP for users to leverage when inviting new friends to the platform? The stakeholders of the communal CDP are given access to capital, while the end-user is getting a more frictionless experience.
🤖 Make Chat Bots Great Again 🤖
  • Discord / Rocket Chatbot that can create a user on Wyre using our API.

  • Full flow verification and onboarding to be able to use all the Dapps coming alive in the crypto ecosystem.

  • Have an onboarding bot for each community that could increase adoption, while accumulating incentives for the sign-ups, that can be pooled and returned to the community. Had something else in mind? Awesome! Give us a buzz, and we’d love to help you out and give feedback :)


💡Get Support From Our Team💡

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