HashD - Broadcast on the Distributed Web

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Proof of Work protected database that doubles as a discovery & broadcast mechanism for following identities and message types.

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Harrison Stahl, Hunter Trujillo

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@dumdumoneone, @cryptoquick

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HashD is a command line tool that can create an identity by generating two key pairs, the first signs a block. The other is output a mnemonic which is stored offline only, this is can be used to recover a hacked or lost account. To broadcast a message a new block added to an id's chain with proof of work attached. This reduces gossip spam by tying it to a single identity and adding cost to producing messages that propagate widely. To add more immutability, these chains are timestamped into bitcoin(not implemented)

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We have two partial implementations one in Rust and one in Python, mainly using indy-crypto library for BLS signatures, and uses BIP39 mnemonic

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https://github.com/cryptoquick/hashd https://github.com/Harryman/hashd