NuVault - Proxy Re-Encrypted Secret Sharing

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Secret Sharing Via Threshold Proxy Re-Encryption

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Josh: 0x04fabbab6433f2a8da39a6a7a91daca63d22ec486a11d4f7859f47c497f676fae31804689e8666bd402af2d91c57898a8485db71bc853f56493fad4f10a812a56a Mathew: 0x04eb8c3ecd9a3a9db9b6caca4d1369e60dc2e89a00ad8fca529c39bf23209a825912f9fc0aa3a551d4be4853373db4a9887e5bbd4c674be8be3a9f3725638f1bd1 Travis: 0x0495d5e0deb1d98c5d471010eef5ea6c72e6033e8f09eb069c572bc295a74ef3614c48cdb849a9dc7750244c961ad7597594b7ee49b7842b02af98c5757fc3c625 Mike: 0x040b81e497813442b3496613967a318d52d231e5a8a33cf86f637a70efa16ab9a898dc0cba641b714c0044a83ac1aa42d98dae8d8b635034ce1b559d63a6451877

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A VueJS frontend to allow a user to encrypt secrets they can share with other agents without decrypting or exposing either parties private secret keys. Encrypted data views are stored in IPFS for later decrypted consumption.

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