Make your DApps accessible with Portis at ETHDenver

Portis is a platform for making decentralized applications accessible to mainstream users. We offer developers an SDK that they can integrate into their decentralized application (DApp) to make it familiar and easy for their users, just like using a regular web app.

Portis is a standard web3 provider that comes pre-bundled in your DApp.

Other web3 providers force DApps to place the burden on the end users, making them install a third-party application on their device before they can even start using said DApp. In addition, the user’s private key is stored only on the device, making it both risky (if the device is lost/destroyed, the user’s funds and identity are gone forever) and inconvenient – using the same wallet across different devices is an intimidating process for the average user.

With Portis the user doesn't have to do anything he isn't already familiar with. The application developer only needs to add a couple of lines of code to integrate the Portis SDK. Consequentially, users enjoy a built-in wallet in their existing browser, without needing to install anything, while still maintaining absolute control over their private key (Portis never knows what the user’s private key is).

In addition, thanks to Portis’ end-to-end encryption architecture, its users enjoy a friendly cloud experience, and can access the same account on all of their devices using a familiar email and password.

See and for more details.

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Mass adoption. It's the holy grail of blockchain applications. Everybody's saying it has to happen for blockchain to survive and eventually flourish. So how do we make it a reality?

We believe that with a solution like Portis, building a decentralized application with the average user in mind is no longer just wishful thinking. Users can maintain their decentralized identity and interact with the blockchain without being forced to understand complicated technical terms. Heck, they don't even have to know they're using a decentralized application at all!

✊ We want you to bring on the revolution of mainstream adoption. ✊


Build a DApp that anybody can use. Your parents, your highschool history teacher, anyone. With Portis powering your DApp, they'll only need to register with an email and password, from inside their browser, something they're already familiar with.

Most DApps today provide some sort of "user guide" due to the complexity of onboarding and interacting with them. We think that's unacceptable. There are no instructions on how to use Instagram or Uber.

Our Hackathon bounties are comprised of two tracks:

🛴 Track 1 - "Take 'er for a spin!"

If you created a functional DApp as part of the ETHDenver 2019 Hackathon, which runs on a live environment (deploying for free is super easy nowadays) and you integrated Portis into it as its default or fallback web3 provider, please claim one of the bounties we opened on GitCoin by issuing a PR with a link to your DApp. If all the above conditions are met, then you will be rewarded the ETH in the bounty.

It's our way of giving you a little gas money, so you can deploy to mainnet and play around with your DApp there. Or use it to buy an NFT for charity on RadiCards. Whatever tickles your fancy.

🏎 Track 2 - "Lambos On The Moon"

We will be looking for DApps created in the Hackathon that have taken our vision to heart. That have decided to utilize the frictionless experience provided by Portis to build a DApp with the mainstream crowd in mind. The top two applications to do so will receive $750 and $250 respectively.

:hammer_and_wrench: Resources

  1. Portis SDK GitHub - Instructions on how to embed Portis into your DApp.
  2. Portis Documentation - Your guide for all the various useful configurations you have at your disposal when you're developing on Portis.
  3. UX Guidelines - Building on the blockchain raises new and interesting UX and technical challenges. We put together a list of what we believe to be best practices when building DApps designed to be human-friendly.
  4. Now — Global serverless deployments made simple. Useful for deploying your DApp so all your friends can play around with it! Also, it's a requirement for receiving the "Take 'er for a spin" bounty.

Need Help? Get in Touch

Tom, Itay and Scott from Portis will be on site, either roaming the premises or at our booth. You can also find them on our Telegram channel as @notgivingawayNIS, @radotzki and @scottgr.

For even more hands on help, we are running a series of workshops covering using Portis.