Quick guide - Listing DAI or MKR tokens on exchange

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Quick guide - Listing DAI or MKR tokens on exchange

This document contains the necessary resources for an exchange to integrate the DAI and MKR ERC-20 tokens.


This document assumes familiarity with Ethereum, how to integrate ERC-20 tokens, and basic knowledge of the Maker platform.

Token contracts

In order to interact directly with the tokens, you can find the Ethereum mainnet smart contract addresses, source code, and ABIs in the links below. The tokens follow the ERC20 token standard, and thus should be interoperable with contracts that implement this standard interface.

Ethereum Mainnet

Live Ethereum mainnet deployments:

Kovan Testnet

For testing, token contracts on the Kovan testnet can be found here:

Listing symbols

When listing Dai or Maker tokens on exchanges or in wallets, you should use the following currency notations.

A style guide and additional logos can be found here.

Additional source code and developer docs

DSToken (token standard for Maker tokens)

Current Dai credit system implementation

Token libraries

Javascript Library

Dai.js is a javascript library that exposes the functionality of the smart contracts in a javascript environment, mitigating the need to integrate directly with the smart contract layer. It can, among other things, be used to implement token transfers.

Python API

Similarly to the library above, the Python API provides endpoints to interact with the smart contracts in a Python environment, such as endpoints for token transfers.

Maker platform in general

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