Share your knowledge at ETHDenver to build a better ecosystem

2019 is Kauri’s second attendance at ETHDenver and we couldn’t be more excited. The level of knowledge sharing, collaboration, and community involvement we experienced at last year’s event was phenomenal. New and experienced, young and old, everyone was involved and welcome. The tools, libraries, and best practices in development in the years prior were on display, and everyone came away with a better understanding of how to use them to their advantage.

Kauri is knowledge sharing, collaboration, and community involvement.

This year, as a technology provider and sponsor to ETHDenver, our goal is to help everyone understand web3 development as rapidly as possible, and contribute to their full potential. We suggest everyone use Kauri to learn to build on Ethereum to supplement their existing knowledge, while also contributing back to the collective emerging knowledge base of articles, tutorials, documentation, and best practices.

In the lead up to ETHDenver, we encourage you to visit and offer feedback on knowledge gaps. You can discover articles via our ‘Discover’ page, and curate any set of articles into a collection of your own.

We’d like to see those with specific domain knowledge share previous work, importing related articles from Medium (we have a tool for that!), or contributing in any way you feel benefits the ecosystem. Be creative with your contributions! (Hint: Kauri accepts most types of content, images, videos, graphs...)

If you’re looking for inspiration, have you ever spent a hackathon debugging why your DApp wasn’t working to find out of date dependencies, a rogue semicolon, or network issues? Then write something up and post it for others to share.

Using Kauri at ETHDenver

ETHDenver and other ETHGlobal events are fun, exciting, and educational, yet we should remain cognizant that not everyone is able to attend. So, let’s push the community forward by leaving our emerging ecosystem in a better state than it was before ETHDenver.

On, you can find resources from many of the sponsors, and submit your entries at the end of the hackathon. Before the hackathon starts we recommend you:

Kauri believes that technical content is best when it’s open source and curated by the community. We do this in a distributed environment of IPFS nodes, with authorship, reputation, and collaboration occurring on-chain. Technical content ages fast in the blockchain ecosystem, so Kauri is a devoted to web3 support structure to keep helpful technical documentation fresh and up-to-date.

We’re thankful for those who’ve contributed and followed our progress from our Rinkeby launch in early May 2018 to now. Many have contributed, written, revised, and imported own content to Kauri for everyone’s benefit, and for that, we are grateful and humbled. We’re excited to be a part of ETHDenver and are invested in the ecosystem’s success!

If you haven't already, join us by APPLYING for ETHDenver today. Applications close January 31st.

See you at the hackathon!