Kauri celebrates 500th post

Ten days ago Kevin Small posted Visualizing Bitcoin Transactions in 3D and Virtual Reality, making it the 500th post submitted to Kauri. We thought this was a great time to recap and recount some of our and your favorite posts from the past year since Kauri began.

Unsurprisingly our collections for the ETHDenver hackathon attracted a lot of views, so we removed those from this wrap-up, but if you haven't seen them yet, take a look, there were some great submissions.

Our full stack dapp collection remains our most popular content, and we have periodically updated it to keep the content fresh. Second to that collection, our post "What is Ethereum" remains our single most popular post (from the Ethereum 101 collection), showing that people are still keen to learn how to get started developing for Ethereum.

Our wonderful intern, Juliette Rocco published a wide variety of beginners content, and her public profile is one of our most popular landing pages, obviously people trying to find all her wonderful content 👏.

A recent post that people loved was from Michael A on Ethereum community and its ecosystem: Networks Visualisation Analysis.

Finally, Antoine Toulme's post on getting started with Quorum rounds off our most popular content list.

Here's to the next 500, if you want to help us get there, then create an account and get writing!