April 25th 2019 Newsletter

Taking you from start to web-scale

Kauri aims to make building with Ethereum as straightforward as existing web 2.0 developer tools and frameworks. To help reach that goal, we are building a content platform for experts in the ecosystem to share their knowledge with those looking to grow theirs.

In this newsletter we cover new features, our new content push, hackathons you can get involved with and more.

PS. If you're looking for an Ethereum focussed bootcamp, take a look at what our friends at ConsenSys academy have to offer.

-Keep calm and Kauri on!

New homepage layout

The main focus of our latest release was redesigning our home page. This redesign highlights our work in progress new content categories and gives more space to highlighting the activities in our community.

Kauri celebrates 500th post

Just after our last newsletter Kevin Small posted Visualizing Bitcoin Transactions in 3D and Virtual Reality , making it the 500th post submitted to Kauri. We reviewed some of the other most popular posts .

We also thought this was a good opportunity to review progress on content funded from our Ethereum Foundation grant . Since our last update, we have funded content on the following:

We are still looking to fund content covering:

If you're interested in being involved in any of the above, please let us know .

Improve documentation and get paid

Until April 30th we are sponsoring two bounties as part of the Ethereal virtual hackathon. These are:

We also submitted an application to act as a mentor organization for Google's Season of Docs where we hope to help writers to continue improving documentation for Plasma group as well as Remix.

New Articles

Here's a selection of the latest articles that caught our eye.

Collection Highlights

Collections group together articles around themes, create your own here (https://kauri.io/login?r=create-collection).

Kauri News and Tips

We'd love to hear from you! If you have content to add to Kauri, here's how: