CryptoCattle Like Kitties, but Beefier!

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Like CryptoKitties but Beefier. Ethereum fun beyond cow-pare

Team Members -

Austin Roberts, Connor Bryan, Greg Lang, Beth Van Horn

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Austin Roberts

Connor Bryan

Greg Lang

Beth Van Horn

Detailed Project Description -

CryptoCattle is a principled ripoff of CryptoKitties. OpenRelay has been working on their Open Source EtherCattle project to operationalize the management of Ethereum Clients - servers should be livestock not pets. When answering questions about it we often joked it wasn’t the cow version of CryptoKitties…. So for this ETHDenver 2019 we decided to give in to popular demand.

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Project: CryptoCattle: React, Semantic UI, Gatsby, Solidity, Python, Docker, Ganache, Truffle, Zeppelin

Relayer: OpenRelay: Go, Docker

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All Bounties Completed/Incorporated -

Zeppelin - Bounty 2 Overview: Best usage of Zeppelin tools (OpenZeppelin & ZeppelinOS)