Wyre - ETHDenver Hackathon Ideas

We’re always there to be the bridge between fiat & crypto so that the target market is not just crypto, but anyone who’s got an internet connection. Lowering the barriers to entry is our focus because accelerating the product feedback loop will hackers iterate more quickly.


Hackathon Ideas

It’s always helpful to get the brain juices flowing. With the amount of opportunity in front of you all, it’s easy to get decision paralysis and not even know where to begin. Below are a few ideas that could be great long-term for the community!

👑🌽 Trustless BTC-20 👑🌽

🎟 Demo Wall — Badge Clearance 🎟

⛽️ Community Gas Pump ⛽️

🤖 Make Chat Bots Great Again 🤖


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