CryptoTwitter Roundup 04/09/2019

Anthony Sassano with his second ‘State of Play’ analysis of MakerDao.

Eva Beylin says that the word “ Core ” has lost meaning in Ethereum , in a decentralized community everyone is either Mantle or Crust.

Ryan Sean Adams laments the lack of ETH trading pairs on Coinbase.

Matt Corva believes the ‘ Coinbase Effect ’ isn’t a price jump, but in fact a regulatory ‘moat’ around coins that are added to the platform.

Georgios Konstantopoulos wishes he could go on a date without ending up explaining bitcoin the entire time.

Ameen Soleimani beginning to change his mind in thinking that funneling block rewards to development is a good idea.

Neeraj jokingly begins a 563 part tweetstorm on governance.

Ethereum sits atop the top 10 performing cryptos above ICO price.

Chris Burniske believes saying ICOs are dead is misguided.

Chris Burniske hypothesizes that the winning cryptonetworks may emerge by merely persisting through ‘wars of attrition.’

Chris Burniske asserts that ‘ most consumers will prioritize usability over ideals ’. An inferior product with superior ideals will stay in the fringe.

Eric Conner asserts that ironically ‘ Ethereum Killers ’ biggest advantage is being pre-launch, therefore not exposing similar shortcomings.

Raul Jordan demonstrates 48 Eth2 validators showing their latest block votes in real time in the Prysm testnet.

OpenLaw demonstrates Ethereum-based term sheets that mints tokens.

Max Bronstein reports that Dharma is now public, meaning anyone can earn interest or take out a loan against their crypto without bank or credit check.

Dharma with a thread announcing the launch of their DeFi platform.

Anthony Sassano visualizes MakerDao’s dominance of DeFi.

Opera launches update to Reborn 3 , their desktop browser with built-in cryptocurrency wallet.

Evan Van Ness believes /r/CryptoCurrency is censoring Ethereum posts.

John Wolpert is sure CEOs will begin to demand the Ethereum main chain.

Virgil Griffith thinks Bitcoin’s ‘digital gold’ narrative is boring tech.

UniSwap Dai trading volume has doubled over the last week.

Péter Szilágyi announces Geth v1.8.24 (Pointy Eightball) has been released.

Ryan Sean Adams contrasts Vitalik & Gavin’s governance stances.

Francis Pouliot lists current functionality Bitcoin developers are working on.