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Behind the scenes the Kauri team is working on a large new release consisting of a total redesign, and a lot of new features to suit readers and writers and create a platform optimized for technical content. As part of this we've organized our rapidly growing newsletter subscribers based on the interests and roles subscribers specified at sign up. This means you will start seeing content based on those preferences, and more specific suggestions for you to follow. If you're not sure what you chose, update your preferences and watch that inbox.

In the meantime, here's some juicy content from across Kauri and the internet for you to enjoy.

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An older post crossed our path in the past couple of weeks from Preethi Kasireddy called "how does Ethereum work anyway". While it's not important for all programmers to understand the machines that their code runs upon, Ethereum is often somewhat different, and it can be helpful to understand what's going on under the surface.

Here's a few posts that complement the one above well:

Solid Solidity

Solidity-based smart contracts underpin a large amount of dapps, but how well do you really know the language and it's features?

A documentation crash course

Perhaps a bit meta, but we started a community for those wanting to learn tips and techniques for improving documentation and technical writing work. There's a few posts waiting there for you right now, with more to follow soon. If you're interested in becoming a moderator of the community, let us know.

And Finally…

We have mostly focussed on written content on our journey so far, but have discussed hosting other media, including video tutorials. Another increasingly popular media format is live coding, something Austin Griffith has tried with success in the Ethereum community.

Would you ever try this yourself?If you're interested in creating a live streaming setup, we came across this great tutorial recently.

We wonder if there would be any interest in live documenting or blog writing?