Gran Fondo

Gran Fondo

Project Tagline/Description

The dApp for athletic excellence. Pledge ETH to a pooled smart contract for biking and running challenges and earn when you meet your goals.

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Greg: 0x04016b72bd4d36ff3a5cafd51bea2409fcd41f9a656fd8cdcc023d3722bd5778e89b55e4f6a157c70d88ccedb7364d937aeca53f636c4ece75fcb61383ccf0b71d Ron: 0x04ee79358ab3c82efb1be291c3d5f7aa8188c3d67b77f58677c27363fa8e546e9ee794d6d5f81f5eeb0d5be4c73f8d4fef66a391437880a98baf051d1be23e10a3 Chris: 0x0429e9d2cb9efdd15bb241f469f3b40a3aac552cb8b68e308433221e5bf187261c66ac66cc9f30e72a85ac1eede04d03ddc9a1336759e221fad3a1dd899ee2cb9f Aaron: 0x04ea36bb53c923ab06a88e37f0c3ca30326aea059119647166462baffa1c90479f676f2d86475d66e2d7429ee19c6ad3cc20acbd5860b588eac558650c64033a6c

Detailed Project Description

Gran Fondo is a competitive commitment device. It encourages athletes who use Strava, a social fitness tracking platform, to create fitness challenges, stake ETH as an incentive to meet their goals, and then compete for the ETH prizes. The app makes it simple to create or join a fitness challenge, view competitors, and claim your rewards if, and only if, the Strava API proves that you have earned them. The Chainlink integration enables us to pass data between the Strava API and our smart contract holding staked funds.

Describe your tech stack (e.g., protocols, languages, API’s, etc.)

We integrated a number of newer ETH tools * Chainlink * Solidity * Ganache, Truffle, Drizzle * API integration * Remix, Metamask * JS * React * Redux * Rebass

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Chainlink: we integrated the Chainlink contract to query the Strava Fitness service and verify whether an athlete has completed a specific segment challenge fast enough and before the deadline. Chainlink sends the result of this query to our smart contract.

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