Hackers of the world unite!


As you probably already know, on the 7th. there are two parallel events, from which you can choose only one (please no hopping, as each have limited capacity and they're both at max capacity). Check out the schedule to decide which one's for you. Depending on the venue you choose, here's how the hackathon registeration will happen:

The team formation and hackathon kick-off will happen at Factory Görlitzer Park nearly at midnight.

Team Building

We have a repository dedicated to help hackers looking for teams, and teams looking for hackers. Consider it as a way to meet like-minded people and discuss building teams, however this does not replace the official team registeration, which happens on the first day of the hackathon.

In addition to the repository, you can participate in the #ethberlin and #buidlyourberlinteam status channels, or the Riot chat to discuss clever stuff and find your hackmate :)


In order to participate you need to be admitted to the ETHBerlin, and you need to be physically present.

Hacking starts during the event. Teams can form and ideas can evolve before the hackathon. However, the code base, hacks, and prototypes that you create for any apps competing for prizes or bounties need to evolve only during the hackathon. Apps, hacks, and projects that were built before the event do not qualify and will be excluded from judging and any prizes.

And please don't forget to sync your Ethereum nodes ahead of the event :)


What you need to do in order to be considered for the prizes:

What your submission should have: