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This is your one-stop source of information, if you're participating in ETHBerlin.

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We've tried to split the knowledge base into different parts, so that you may find information relevant to your role, and the stage of the event, easily. Please start with going through the overview and event which contain general information.


What is ETHBerlin

We assume, if you're reading this document, that you know what ETHBerlin is, but just to recap:

ETHBerlin is a combination of a hackathon, workshops and talks, happening from 7th till 9th of September 2018 in Berlin, Germany. It's proudly a part of the ETHGlobal community. For more, please refer to the website.


Preparation & Planning The Event


When you've read the general information for all of the phases above, you may find information specific to your role here:

Hackers* Volunteers Speakers Mentors Judges Sponsors Community Members Organization Team

Hacker: Someone who takes part in the hackathon by joining a team and working on a project, and the term doesn't exclusively refer to people with software development backgrounds.

Commitment to Using Dapps

Or "If you liked it then you shoulda put a dApp on it"!

ETHBerlin will try to use tools created within the ecosystem as much as possible for its various needs. This paves the way for adoption of web3, which we're all trying to buidl, and acts as a good testing ground for the dapps, consequently helping the respective teams to learn from this experience and make the softwares even better. For more on this, check out the article.

Communication Channel

One of the dapps, mentioned above, that we love and use a lot, is Status. Make sure you install it and come say hi in the #ethberlin channel. Feel free to ask for couches there, or discuss sharing flat with other participants. We also have channels for getting to know eachother and building teams!

Preparation and Planning

For everyone

We're really excited that you're joining us. Here are the next steps:

Getting to Berlin

Here you can find information about the airports and stations in Berlin. Unfortunately ETHBerlin is not able to compensate traveling costs of participants as funding is limited and we've decided to allocate the biggest fraction of the funds to the prize pool and organizations of the events itself. However, there is a very limited subsidy on a first-come first-served basis. We encourage everyone to allow those who benefit most make use of these subsidies. To apply please write us.


There are a variety of options available in Berlin for the purpose of accomodation. From hostels to airbnb flats and hotels. We recommend the regions Treptow, Kreuzberg or Friedrichshain due to their close proximity to the venue. As part of our commitment to using dapps extensively throughout the hackathon, we're in close contact with the team behind Winding Tree, and most probably they will launch to mainnet within the next few days, in which case, you can reserve a place with ETH or LIF, their native token.


Day 1 (7. September) consists of a two-track conference in two venues:

After the conferences are done, the hackathon people will get together at Factory Görlitzer – this will be the only venue after the conferences – at 22:00 when the opening ceremony (accompanied by dinner & drinks) and team formation will take place. The Hackathon kicks off at 00:00 on September 8th.


If you are a hacker, a mentor, a registered sponsor, a volunteer, a judge or a speaker you don’t need a ticket, just your e-mail confirmation and ID.

Community tickets for Day 1 conferences will be launched via Peepeth on a Blockparty Smart Contract on September 1st. All tickets are free. Community tickets do not enable access to the Hackathon or Day 2 & 3 Workshops. Thank you in advance for respecting the hackers and their #BUIDL.

The Event


Food and Stuff

ETHBerlin will cover all meals & drinks for the entire Hackathon, and conference coffee breaks. you won’t need money here, only BERLINcoin to experiment with, an open mind, a knowledge-thirsty brain & sharp-as-knives building skills.

Sleeping Facilities

Due to the regulations of the venue, unfortunately we cannot offer any sleeping facilities on-site, and sleeping bags are not allowed. Please make sure you take this into consideration when choosing an accomodation.