The Will

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The Will Of The People

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An open, easy-to-use blockchain Voting dApp that is made for small and medium groups, teams or governments.

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Audrey Worsham, Lee Bailey, James Neyer, Alex Lebron ID for Each Team Member (we will use this to contact you and your team)




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We wanted to deliver a simple voting ledger because most off-chain organizations today don't need on-chain governance or DAO features in a voting platform. Many different kinds of teams vote on many kinds of proposals, and every one of them can benefit from blockchain guarantees of immutability and security, without needing complicated trustless self-governance measures. Our contracts can let any group run a Liquid Democracy (with vote delegation) based on One-Person-One-Vote or Stake-Weighted Voting. An organization can assign power based on existing ERC20/721 tokens, or our new VoteCoin identity tokens which can be provisioned by a central Management Board.

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Smart contracts: Solidity + EVM

Frontent: React + Web3

Login: Metamask + Portis

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All Bounties Completed/Incorporated

Portis - Login

We added Fortmatic and Uport, but their APIs wound up breaking web3 compatibility.

Source code:

Demo app [Use Rinkeby with Metamask]:

For Project Goals and Summary, click "Learn more" on the demo homepage