March 13th - An improved reading and writing experience

Kauri aims to make building with Ethereum as straightforward as existing web 2.0 developer tools and frameworks. To help reach that goal, we are building a content platform for experts in the ecosystem to share their knowledge with those looking to grow theirs.

As part of this effort we've been working on a handful of new features to improve the reading and writing experience that we'd love to tell you about.

-The Kauri Team

Improved reviewing suggested change

While the ability for readers to suggest updates to articles has always been a great feature to help keep content fresh, it was never clear to the original writer what changes someone had suggested.

Now, article owners can see the changes proposed inline, plus any comments added, and approve or reject accordingly.

Approving changes view

Add to collection improvement

Collections are the main way to organize content on Kauri, but adding content to them always involved a lot of back and forth between articles and collections. Now you can add an article to your collections right from the article by clicking the Add to Collection button on the right-hand side of an article.

Add to collection button

We admit it; our old search wasn't that great. We've now tweaked things behind the scenes. Results are now more accurate, you can toggle them between articles and collections, and the preview of the article in the results is vastly improved.

New search results

SEO improvements

While improvements to Kauri articles ranking higher in search queries for Ethereum development topics won't directly benefit readers and writers, surely you'll agree that it's better for everyone 😁.

New Articles

Here's a selection of the latest articles that caught our eye.

Collection Highlights

Collections group together articles around themes, create your own here.

Kauri Tips

If you're interested in creating content on Kauri, below are some places to get started.

P.S. If you're having trouble using Kauri, we recommend viewing the articles in the Help section. And if you need more help, contact us.