Osuke Sudo - Tokyo - LayerX, blockchain.tokyo

Ahead of devcon, Kauri is interviewing local community members in Japan. We hope you readers will learn more about the local industry and blockchain activity. There will also be some gems from our interviews that hopefully give you some ideas of how to see Japan from a local perspective

What is your role?

I am a member of LayerX - a blockchain technology consulting company in Japan, with an R&D arm working on projects for Ethereum. We are based in downtown Roppongi.

Our R&D focuses on Zerochain and Casper CBC projects. Zerochain is built on substrate and adds a privacy layer to core blockchains. We have privacy preserving payment protocols to obscure transaction amounts and participants. The protocol is an account based approach.

When polkadot launches to mainnet at the end of this year we will also launch zero chain.

How is the blockchain community in Tokyo?

We organize blockchain.tokyo which is one of the largest meet ups here and we organize it monthly. We invite visiting foreign projects. Quorum is visiting next month, Airswap has visited in the past.

The blockchain community in Japan is divided into enterprise community and public chain.

What are the most exciting blockchain developments in Tokyo?

Definitely some of our research projects including Casper CBC research and zero chain. Some financial institutions and insurance companies are also updating their systems to use blockchain as a more efficient back-end.

What would you recommend in Tokyo?

1 Go to the onsen! Akasakamitsuke for the sauna and baths. Entry price 1,000.

2 Try some sushi at the new fish market, Toyosu

Where can people find you at Devcon?

Devcon - Osaka - talk on zero chain and how they can preserve privacy with an account based approach.

Blockchain research meetup - Osaka - October 9th with LayerX, Quantstamp and MythX - https://www.eventbrite.com/e/devcon5-blockchain-research-meetup-tickets-70113871477