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A Decentralized P2P Party. Create your private or public music networks and hangout with like-minded fans, or get exposed to new interesting music. In this world you're either a cute avatar bobbing your head or a badass DJ rocking the stage.

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Irvin Cardenas Juliana Mei John May Matthew Voss

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Spin.fm is decentralized p2p social app that allows you to anonymously or privately create music rooms. You're either a cute avatar bobbing your head or a badass DJ rocking the stage. Create your own unique ERC21 avatar or tip your favorite DJ in ETH. Music is share in real-time, jump at any time perfectly in sync with everyone in the room - the music streamed in chunks and dynamically removed as you listen - avoiding any legal issues.

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React Electron Express Netus.io POA Sokol Test Net

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ZeppelinOS Portis POA

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