Reading on Kauri

Reading on Kauri

Reading articles on Kauri is straightforward, but here are a few features we hope make that experience better, and helps improve the reading experience for everyone.

Browse content

Content on Kauri is organized into three groups that you can browse from the top menu of the site.

You can search titles and body text for articles using the search bar at the top of the screen.

Navigate article

Article outline

On the top right of each article is an outline that helps you jump between sub-sections of an article.

Find more to read

Find more to read

At the bottom of each article are two sections to help you find more great content to read.

First is the profile of the writer, click their icon to see all the content they've written.

Beneath this is a small selection of related content that we hope help you learn more about a given topic.

Add to a collection or bookmark

Collections and bookmarked content help you group content you find interesting together. Collections are public, and bookmarked content is private to you.

You can add articles to your bookmarks or a collection by clicking the buttons under an article on any listings page, or at the top of any article page. You can also add articles to a collection from the collection edit screen.

Add from article screen

Add from listing screen

Upvote or downvote

Upvote and downvote

If you loved what a writer had to say, or if you think there's room for improvement, then on the right hand side of an article you can find up and down arrows to show your opinion. If you think an article needs improvement, add a comment below, or suggest a change using the suggest feature mentioned above.

Share an article

Social media share icons

Below the voting arrows are widgets to share an article to social networks. Share far and wide!