RToken Quorum, a Permissioned Security Token Platform

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RToken Quorum, a Permissioned Security Token Platform

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A token issuance and trading platform combining the open source R-Token compliance standard for digital securities with the institutional grade privacy features of the Quorum blockchain.

Security token platform leveraging the R-Token protocol and Quorum for global regulation while preserving issuer and transaction privacy.

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Elena De La Paz Ryan Hall Shane Jarvie

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Shane Jarvie: 0x0476d5181718958bac93bb8b833243f4cf1e7fd1b5b7ee96687fb34a0734fcf836181247dd7e358ed6fcf87757323a62e84a10a8c5833c1313f280d9bc42656eb6

Ryan Hall 0x0488256c54f35afccd98354363da60c3f1360d2dedfc4034dc3f9acaf8e67256c3bef431c3a0aa4ee3afe297d1bfbe11900cfc30c01650426927156d79cbe17c59

Elena De La Paz 0x042ad1b418586a598a2e8dc623efa9e016828688d5f764a9103eb13944ef129db8693d44c3f3194d99b09a32f701d3e64eeb0fe590feefb87c607696ae0f33a2ec

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A permissioned security token standard which enables global issuance and trading of ERC20 digital assets compliant with offering and investor level regulation , while providing issuers with fined grained privacy controls and minimal exposure of underlying investor transaction data.

For the compliance aspect, we used the leading open source ERC20 security token standard, the R-Token, a RegulatedToken that checks the validity potential transfers against a RegulatorService. This R-Token then leverages the Quorum privacy platform by allowing issuers to share knowledge of state while remaining agnostic to each other's trades.

We deploy a RegulatorService contract which is private to nodes owned by the regulator and issuers of R-Tokens. The issuer-specific R-Token contracts and state are private to only the issuer and regulator, meaning though two issuers can share knowledge of investors essential to ensuring legal compliance, they will not be aware each other's issuances and secondary trades.

This allows for issuers to only view their own token balances and state, while querying a global regulator service when attempting to make a transaction, and for no public entity outside of the regulator to be able to view all issuer transactions.

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Quorum, Solidity, React, Docker

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