Open Knowledge for Open Source

Kauri enables communities to build their collective knowledge base. Community members can efficiently curate essential resources and help one another learn and build faster, especially for emerging or rapidly evolving technologies.

Designed for sharing and extensibility, Kauri gives developers, contributors, and communities the common ground to curate high quality content. Each of these roles embody distinct responsibilities and attributes, though users are not limited to just one role.



Keep up with top projects, libraries, and tools

Find tutorials from your favorite devs

Learn best practices


Open bounties for tutorials

Request help on your issues

Flag out of date content


Give back

Document your approach

Consolidate your learning

Full Stack Dapp Tutorial Series

Full Stack Dapp Tutorial Series

Get writing on kauri!

Get writing on kauri!



Publish your own articles

Guarantee open access

Ensure attribution forever


Fulfill bounties on requests

Earn tips from the community

Find new jobs

Build reputation

Feature in collections

Accumulate badges

Get noticed by your community, top projects, and peers




Crowdsource knowledge and tutorials

Keep content up to date via community

Curate quality collections


Ensure accessible docs and tutorials

Track requests for knowledge

Keep community informed at events


Reward new community members and freelancers

Celebrate top contributors

Surface top talent


Some amazing projects within the Ethereum ecosystem are already using Kauri to crowdsource top-tier content from their communities. 




Kauri launched in May 2018! Kauri leverages the Ethereum blockchain for attribution of contributions and as a native incentivisation layer. Kauri stores content using an openly accessible distributed file sharing network called IPFS.

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We started building Kauri to make the Ethereum ecosystem more accessible for new developers and to encourage collaboration over replicating development efforts. Emerging and rapidly evolving technologies are difficult to keep up with especially when documentation and tutorials are hard to find and quickly outdated. 

Kauri was conceived of as a network where communities and individuals can engage, contribute, and curate high quality and up-to-date technical resources. The Kauri project is committed to enabling communities to curate open knowledge networks and to recognizing and rewarding contributions.

As a group of Web3 developers and designers, we have a deep appreciation for the many open source projects and developers who have willingly shared their knowledge and code over the years. We hope Kauri can help developing technologies share knowledge and help each other more effectively so that they can thrive. We look forward to unlocking our collective expertise.