Decentralized Technical Support Network for the Ethereum Ecosystem

Open Support for Open Source

Open source support is either expensive and dominated by centralized organizations, or nonexistent. This doesn't fit the spirit of open source, and is ineffective for individual developers and SMEs. At Kauri, we're building a decentralized technical support network to serve developers at all levels and organizations.

How Does Kauri Work?


Receive any level of help, from self-service, frequently asked questions in the knowledge base, to hands-on technical support


Allow Kauri's best providers to flourish on the platform by providing financial proof of their capabilities, earning a portion of their revenue as a reward


Monetize your expertise and knowledge by providing public and one-on-one support to individual developers, small teams, and large enterprises

Kauri Features


Kauri is in its initial stages. Having put together the team, developed the concept and the initial technology in 2017, we will begin rolling out the platform in 2018.